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UV Stone Impex has been a leading name in the manufacturing of natural stone veneers, ultrathin fabric stone veneers, peel & stick ledge panels, and natural stone MacBook covers, for two decades. Proudly crafted from 100% Indian natural stones, our products exemplify quality, durability, and timeless beauty.

With a rich legacy of 20 years, we've been exporting our exquisite creations globally, spreading the essence of Indian natural stones to discerning customers worldwide. From sleek peel and stick panels to luxurious natural stone veneers, each piece reflects our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

Experience the elegance of Indian natural stones in every corner of your space with UV Stone Impex. Elevate your interiors with our premium products and let the beauty of nature inspire your surroundings.

With over 20 years of expertise in the building materials industry, STONE VENEERS has risen to become one of the largest and most reputable producers and suppliers of natural stone veneers worldwide, setting industry standards not only in India.

Significant investments are made in stones like marble, granite, limestone, and slate, which are widely chosen for wall cladding, flooring and paving structures of various kinds due to their inherent quality. These stones are valued for their superior attributes, and our company transforms them into exceptionally lightweight, flexible stones that not only enhance aesthetics but also serve as efficient building materials. Within the production environment of STONE VENEERS, we uphold extremely high expectations. Our focus remains on sourcing trustworthy and valuable stones that continually support the expansion and competitiveness of our business amidst larger industries providing similar services.

Granite, Limestone, Slate, and Marble are indeed invaluable resources, synonymous with quality. They play a pivotal role in defining the standards of flooring and construction projects worldwide. Recognizing their intrinsic value, STONE VENEERS transforms these stones into lightweight and flexible variants, enhancing their utility while preserving their innate qualities. Our production operations are meticulously managed to meet the highest standards, ensuring the consistent delivery of superior-quality stones that contribute to the success of our clients' projects.


In our realm of manufacturing and supply, we offer comprehensive solutions to stone-related requirements. Clients seeking stone solutions are assured of our unwavering commitment to quality, evident in the meticulous selection of stones based on crystal size, cooling duration, and the intricate process of stone formation. Our 1-2 mm thick stone satisfies all requirements for quality and durability, and its eco-friendly features allow for endless use over an extended period of time. To ensure customer satisfaction, STONE VENEERS always prioritizes their wants and requirements.

Precious stones, primarily granite, are characterized by the type of feldspar they contain and their exquisite texture, evoking awe and wonder. Similarly, our Thin Stone Veneer resonates with warmth and sophistication, inspiring refined interior design concepts. Thus, STONE VENEERS utilizes this exquisitely crafted stone to spark ideas for sophisticated interior designs.

Utilizing various stones for wall designs, false ceilings, wall cladding, etc., such as marble, sandstones, slates, and granites, fulfils the dream of luxurious homes adorned with the finest stones in every area. Our company develops a range of stones that are not only durable and versatile but also aesthetically pleasing.

Due to our company's unique approach to work execution, individuals in the chemical and nuclear industries, as well as other applications such as paint and pencil production, find our services appealing. When it comes to ensuring wise expenditure and investing in quality, "STONE VENEERS" offers a wide variety of choices.


Our Mission

To establish ourselves as a business that thrives on client trust by offering them the best quality for any kind of project—office, residential, commercial, or architectural.

Our goal is to become a quality-driven company that is recognized for its exceptional art and craftsmanship in the stone industry.


Our Team

Our team of highly skilled workers oversees the production and quality control processes, ensuring quality is checked and assured at every stage from production to dispatch.

We view learning as a never-ending process and work hard to better ourselves in light of the dynamic business environment in order to keep our client's preference for us as their supplier.

We are confident that doing business with us will be enjoyable for you.

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Stone Veneers
Natural Stones

Naturally occurring stone slabs and blocks compose these surfaces, sourced directly from mines.Each surface a testament to time's patient craft, From mines to your space, a touch of nature's draft.


Good Quality

The ability to select from a variety of patterns clear the client's vision and eliminates any doubt. We are unique in the industry and are growing rapidly thanks to our more than 50 varieties and patterns.


The ability to select from a variety of patterns clear the client's vision and eliminates any doubt. We are unique in the industry and are growing rapidly thanks to our more than 50 varieties and patterns.

Latest Design

In order to satisfy client demands, we upgraded Stone by introducing numerous new designs. We are able to develop new, diverse products that meet customer requirements by applying rigorous thinking and practice at every stage of the innovation process.