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UV Stone Impex has been a leading name in the manufacturing of natural stone veneers, ultrathin fabric stone veneers, peel & stick ledge panels, and natural stone MacBook covers, for two decades. Proudly crafted from 100% Indian natural stones, our products exemplify quality, durability, and timeless beauty.

With a rich legacy of 20 years, we've been exporting our exquisite creations globally, spreading the essence of Indian natural stones to discerning customers worldwide. From sleek peel and stick panels to luxurious natural stone veneers, each piece reflects our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

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Stone Veneers
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Natural Stones

Naturally occurring stone slabs and blocks compose these surfaces, sourced directly from mines.Each surface a testament to time's patient craft, From mines to your space, a touch of nature's draft.


Good Quality

Qualitative Standard is our USP. The Stone We Choose and the Procedure We Follow Determine Quality. We don't cut corners on quality by using high-quality, thoroughly tested chemicals during production.


The ability to select from a variety of patterns clear the client's vision and eliminates any doubt. We are unique in the industry and are growing rapidly thanks to our more than 50 varieties and patterns.

Latest Design

In order to satisfy client demands, we upgraded Stone by introducing numerous new designs. We are able to develop new, diverse products that meet customer requirements by applying rigorous thinking and practice at every stage of the innovation process.

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